domingo, 3 de marzo de 2013

Sunday of Love

Endless Night

Lonely endless night
goes unnoticedly 
exhausted body
pleading for rest
heading to bed
sharing sorrow
with pillows and bed
seeming to be
reasonable indeed
but they refuse 
to hear
what I have to say. 

So many things I want, 
So many songs I could sing, 
So many poems I could write, 
So many dreams I could dream 

There's so much to tell you,
So much love to give you, 
I could give myself to you. 

You said you're not good for me, 
That I'd better forget you,
But it seems to be impossible 

There's no other word 
but love, in my vocabulary 
Can't be happy 
as when we were together 

There's no time 
There's no place

Being friends 
as we were before,
Is all we can have?

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