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Loneliness vs Solitude

I love people

I love everyone and everything. I love a lot. I've always had. It's not a problem for me to be surrounded by people.There's always something interesting in dealing with them. Some hate crowds; they simply can't cope with that. I don't mind crowds.

A variety of feelings infects me when I'm in a group of people. It is really exciting to share with them. There's always pleasure in interacting. When I meet new people, I always learn a lot about them and about myself. During all my years of teaching I've met interesting people with different kinds of personalities, which have enriched my own.
Despite being used to interacting with and enjoying people, I also seek for some time of solitude. Therefore I'd rather say I also love being alone, being by myself, but not lonely. 

              After Dark @Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao                            

Even among people you can feel lonely. Nowadays loneliness could be considered as one of the most common disease. It's a growing problem. Everyone can feel lonely no matter the company. Fortunately everyone who lives alone is not lonely. Loneliness is completely different from solitude. One could die of loneliness; solitude could be fulfilling. Loneliness could kill the mind; solitude could enrich it.

Loneliness is devastating. It can infect our soul like a disease. When no comfort can be found living alone or with company, our heart aches. Facing it and trying to turn our loneliness into solitude, that is trying to find at least something that we find pleasure in doing by ourselves. If that is not enough, we need to find help and be wide open to some changes in our social habits.


Everyone needs some time to be alone, some time of solitude. It is in that moment in which we are at peace with ourselves. It's the time during which we put our thoughts in order, if we're able to do so, we can  think over many issues of modern life, and it is strengthening to find our own ways to cope. 

 There are many things we could do on our own that'd be gratifying. We just need to find what is suitable for us. It's important to try any healthy activity to feel calm and relax.   I've found the way to cope through writing.

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