viernes, 14 de septiembre de 2012

A Strange Moment

Staring at this empty screen, my face between my hands, my sight lost somewhere, my thoughts somewhere else. I finally realize what I'm doing and start to type. Am I sleepy? Maybe I am, but I'm not surely day dreaming. I haven't done it for a long time. I used to do it a lot, just a few years ago. I let my mind fly, believing that I could be the princess of every fairy tale I had read. And in a way I've been. However, I've had more than one prince trying to win my love! 
Yeah, I used to daydream. Guess that when we stop day-dreaming we become mature adults, I mean old. But that's my opinion and you don't have to agree with it. Maybe it's just a silly idea that I've just had.

Yes, I think I'm sleepy, but I need to write this entry. That's my resolution: to write every day. I'm a night owl. I love being by myself when everyone is sleeping and not a single sound can be heard. I usually write poems at nights when I can't sleep or when I'm not sleepy.
Some time ago I wrote a poem in a particular night in which I felt so inspired that I had to get up, and start to write. I hadn't been so sure about what I wanted to write before. Being awake when mostly everyone is resting peacefully, and all you hear in the distance is some howling dog and doors suddenly closing, my conscious response was to feel a bit frightened, but anxious to write, I described that strange moment.

Angel with the thorn crown by L.Quint

Another poignant sleepless night
Black mascara smeared pillowcase
Careless wetness in wrinkled sheets                                   
Deadly time of agonized screams
Earnest suffering goes to extreme

Originally the idea was to write a story, but I ended up narrating it through poems. I'll start with the story next time I write in English.

You know, a good friend of mine told me about a friend who always starts her conversations with "Guess what?" and she always has something funny to say which makes my friend laugh, that makes him happy.
So, Guess what? I'm going to make you happy.  I'm going to stop torturing you and I'm going off to bed. Good night!  3:33 am

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