viernes, 7 de febrero de 2020

I'm a Bilbao Local Guide

Hi I'm Lumy Quint and I live in Bilbao, in The Basque Country.  I'm an EFL teacher, a local  guide, an artist and a traveller. I became a local guide to show my community to the world and help people to find the interesting and wonderful places that I usually visit here, such as  restaurants, coffee shops, bars, shops,  touristic places,  and events. 

 I hope  my tips and reviews can help  you find out why Bilbao is a well known city for its cuisine, services  and its variety of coffee shops, bars and stores. I may also advice travellers when they visit other cities as well.

Just follow me during this journey that is my daily life, through work and hobbies. Through thick and thin, you will be able to read and see what I create and learn from my personal experience. 
I will also be mentioning places  that I do not visit any more and why. In some cases it will be my opinion and others, facts. 

Read you around!!
Do not miss my ten favorite places in Bilbao! Coming soon!

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