sábado, 2 de febrero de 2013

Every Day a New Lesson

Metro Bilbao

  Throwing pearls to a pig 

How amazingly different one day could be from another. Every single day we learn something useful or not, or experience something funny or unpleasant, cheerful or frightening. We're sometimes mere characters in an endless show. We're always playing the same roles: the victim, the accused and the prosecutor. But it's a circle; we take turns playing the roles. I hate playing the prosecutor, or the victim and I don't care if I'm accused of something I haven't done. 

Some months ago I was on my way to work. I was sitting on the train on the seats next to the doors when a large woman stood against the adjoining seat, but leaning almost on my shoulder. I felt uncomfortably squeezed between the wall and the woman. When I asked her not to lean on me, she answered I shouldn't be sitting while others were standing. As I watched around to see many other people sitting as well, she sat down squeezing me more with her bulky body in the small seat. I had tried to explain my point, but it was useless. She changed from being the accused to being the prosecutor. That was the way she found to justify her uncivilized behavior.  I thought she had had a bad day and made mine bad as well.  I remember how a friend said -"You were throwing pearls to a pig" There was no room for explanations.

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