domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012

Sunday of Love

                                                                     Every time

Every time I start to breath
Something happens
Every time I walk free
something hinders me
Everytime I try to break through
Something stops me
Every time I try to believe
Someone fails me
Every time I start to live
Someone leaves me
Every time I feel like this
Something dies in me

You can heal my body
You can't heal my soul

What's this consuming fire
That burns me whole,
This unique desire 
To seduce, to conquer,
To please and worship my dear love?

No matter what he's like
No matter how weird
Or common he can be
I simply don't mind

Wish he'd see
Loving and caring
Is all I need

If I could make him understand
That I mean no harm
What is good for him,
I would have to abide.


I'll keep on feeling, wishing and longing. I'll keep on trying to find what I am searching for.

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